Webcasting and streaming live video offer compelling and cost-effective ways to reach wider online audiences. Whether it’s a live stream of a sports event from a field or a conference delivered to your offices, our webcasting services provide everything you need to create a high quality, single or multi-camera streaming solution.


Social media is key in getting the word out about your event. Now with a network of followers you can target them directly using social media streaming. Its instant, its interactive, its simple!

Facebook live streaming puts your event onto the screens of your dedicated followers. Multi camera facebook live with professional directors and operators will give your event incredible impact. During and after the event we can edit social cuts to make your investment go further.

Live streaming your event on YouTube offers cross platform compatibility, increasing your reach beyond a computer. Live global streaming your brand demands the highest production values. With co-operative planning, our team will capture your event for live and post event production.

Twitter and Periscope are the immediate social network for viral content. Now with the Twitter Live button it is a key live streaming platform. Your brand may have thousands or even millions of followers, a live alert will grab their attention, a live video on their feed will keep them engaged with your brand. More and more brands have started to use this channel as their primary choice for live streaming.

Can I stream to multiple social networks simultaneously?

We have the facilities to stream to ALL your social media platforms! Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube  AT THE SAME TIME! Push the boundaries and get the reach you need!

We can push your brand to the next level with professional social live video streaming at Onside.